Pitching Lessons

Our pitching lessons approach

Pitching lessons at Baseball Warehouse in Houston Texas are more than just throwing off of a mound. Despite the popular belief that you have to pitch to get better at pitching there are many other ways to improve not only your pitching but your functional body movements, arm strength, arm speed, command, body awareness, and overall pitchability.

Baseball Warehouse Texas’s pitching lessons are one on one thirty minute sessions with one of our professional instructors. The sessions will assess an athlete and put a plan together to help develop the athlete and maximize their potential. As well as teaching a warmup routine, pre throwing arm care and how to properly recover and take care of your arm after throwing.

Before you start pitching

At Baseball Warehouse we build a foundation from the ground up. We will first assess the athlete using slow motion video analysis, health assessments, and gaining information from the athlete as well. We use the information gathered in the assessment to put together a plan of first how to sustain durability and health and then moving forward to mapping the body to try to move as efficiently as possible. At Baseball Warehouse we don’t try to change a person’s “mechanics”, we just try to get the athlete to do what they do as efficiently as possible.

During our pitching lessons we develop a plan and a process from the information gathered during the assessment to try and achieve whatever goals the athlete has set for himself. We first will teach an athlete how to properly warm up and take care of his body to prepare to throw. There needs to be an understanding of how to prepare the body to get ready to throw. The usual couple of arm circles and a pulling of the arm across the body are not enough to prepare the body and arm to throw. We will help the individual start to understand their process and develop their routine before we start throwing and we need to understand that everyone’s needs are different as they prepare their body and some people require addressing different areas of their body than others do, so we help the athlete develop their plan unique to the athlete himself.

Learning efficient movements and proper technique

After instilling a warm-up routine and after developing a pre-throwing plan, we then move on to the throwing itself. During throwing we need to utilize our entire body and learn how to transfer energy throughout the body as efficiently as possible. We need to produce energy and be able to transfer that energy through the body and eventually into the baseball. Along with providing energy and force when we throw, we also need to know how to properly accept that force and decelerate the body and arm.

Once we have learned an individualized warm-up and start developing a pre-throwing process, we start mapping the body through functional movements and drill work. We will use many different techniques to start the process of maximizing efficiency of our body movements. Once we start creating efficient movements we then have to learn how to repeat them. To create and transfer energy efficiently and be able to repeat it we must have the strength and mobility in the right areas and be able to recovery properly between movements.

We will instruct proper pitching techniques from body movements all the way up to the arm swing and arm spiral. We will look at the arm swing and spiral to make sure there are no red flags as of something that could possibly lead to injury. We try to keep the athlete as safe as possible through the throwing motion. We continue to reinforce good habits while also trying to create more efficient movements and patterns for the ones that are needing adjustments and work.

Efficient body movements and arm patterns are needed to throw in general and not just for pitching. The more efficient our normal throwing patterns are the better our movements will be from the mound. Not only the functional and efficient movements will be instilled into the athlete but also being able to repeat those movements, from pitch to pitch, to inning to inning, to game to game. Our pitching lessons will help the body build a lasting foundation that the athlete can trust and rely on in competition and be able to execute their gameplan.

The throwing motion is a violent and unnatural movement, this can put extreme amounts of stress on the arm while pitching. Because of this we will work through the kinetic chain from the ground up so that the body can to its job to alleviate stress off of the shoulder and elbow. We will look at building and gaining momentum through the center mass and being able to transfer it through the lower half by continually building force through the back leg and drive it forward until we create ground force from the front leg and transfer it throughout our torso up into the shoulder down to the elbow and hand and channel all of the energy we create and put it into the baseball.

By creating more efficient energy and transferring it throughout the body better we can absorb stress into the body better and ultimately produce and transfer our energy into the baseball. We must first move as freely as possible and efficiently as possible before we start into more detailed aspects of pitching. Once we create functional movement patterns and can absorb the high stress levels that are endured during the throwing movement and build a durable safe throwing motion, we then start into the process that is pitching.

The pre-throwing routine

The first step in our pitching process needs to be our warm up routine pre throwing arm care and what is turned into our pre-throwing routine. Before we start throwing we need to increase our core temperature, increase blood flow to our muscles, and start recruiting the muscles that we are going to use to throw. Once we have done these things and prepared our body to get ready to throw we can then begin our throwing process. Everyone will have a different throwing routine whether it be a game day, long toss day, arm strengthening day, or just a recovery day. We will help the athlete understand their body and start to process for what is needed for their throwing program and routine. We then start working on mound routine, we need to move freely and easily at high rates of speed when we pitch, we help the athlete do this and learn how to repeat these movements throughout their time on the mound.

In our pitching lessons we create “feels” for the athletes so that they can be aware of their body movements. Once we become aware of our movements we can then start making adjustments throughout our throwing motion. If we have no awareness of what our body is doing it is hard to make an adjustment and start moving more efficiently to execute better pitches while we are on the mound. We need this awareness and ability to make adjustments when we pitch because we will always need to make in game adjustments and we need to know what they are without having to be told what it is every single time we are off on our body movements or timing.

Learn the pitches

We will also cover pitches. We will go over grips, hand placements, pressure points, and feels of release while maintaining a safe deceleration path to do all of this. We have to be able to produce different pressure at different points in our hands to be able to still produce high rates of arm speed but yet execute different types of pitches and be able to have the command of these pitches. There will be different grips that go along with these pressure points and we will have to have the feel of hand positioning at release as well to properly execute any pitch. We first need to learn how to throw and command a fastball properly before we get into any other pitch, all of our pitches come off of our fastball and need to maintain fastball arm speed and fastball intent.

Once we learn how to throw and command pitches we need to learn to sequence them to maximize effectiveness. We will learn to repeat all of our pitches and how to throw them with control or be able to pass them through the strike zone and then from there learn how to have command of them and be able to throw them where we want in and out of the strike zone. We will learn how to set up pitches, double up on them, and what the perception of these pitches to the hitters are to maximize the effect.

We train the overall body movements, routine, mindset, and execution and learn how to process our own routine to be able to do these things in lesson settings or in games. This will help us become a complete pitcher and maximize our ability while moving freely and being durable over our career. Pitchers who receive pitching lessons at Baseball Warehouse Texas will not only have the ability to pitch effectively but also the knowledge and confidence to achieve anything in their baseball career.

Pitching Lessons cost breakdown

Below are the costs per pitching lesson. Please also note that we offer a comprehensive pitching program that we recommend for anyone truly aspiring to be the best pitcher they can be. The pitching program is only offered a couple times a year, for information on our pitching program click here: Pitching Program.

Lesson Type Cost Duration
Individual Lesson $50 30 minutes
10 Pack of Lessons $450 30 minutes
2 on 1 Lessons $70 30 minutes
3-4 Group Lesson $125 1 hour
5-8 Group Lesson $150 1 hour