Why train with us?

Our new facility has only been open since November 2016 but in that short time we’ve already made a name for ourselves as one of the best training facilities in the state and have already got the attention of Marucci Elite which will have The Baseball Warehouse as their dedicated north Houston training facility.

The best baseball players from the area train with us because we are the best. We make good players great and great players even better.

The atmosphere at our baseball facility is really quite amazing. Not just because all the top area talent is training in the same place but it is also because the younger kids, who are working to develop to be the future top area talents, love training right alongside the current top area prospects, and the top prospects are always willing to give advice to the younger players.

Nearly every baseball training facility website is going to say the same things about their culture and why you should chose them, but what makes us stand out is that the best trust us to make them better and we ask that you trust us too.

Below is a video of the Premier Baseball Kansas City facility that owner Jeremy Isenhower opened in Kansas City and The Baseball Warehouse will teach all of the same principals here too.

We invite you to browse our website, check out our social media pages, and then give us a call at 346-808-3100 or come and see the facility yourself.

We look forward to working with you!